Another weekend at Shoshoni Yoga Ashram

I spent this past weekend at the Shoshoni Yoga Ashram. Just like last time, it was a great weekend with great people.

Although I didn’t take as many pictures this time, I did capture a few of the chickens and roosters. It turns out they are kind of scary when you get up close– I was glad there was a fence in between me and their beaks!

The weekend was full of great food once again, including Chalupa, Avocado Lime-Slaw, Tom Kha Soup, Mung Pancakes, Kitcheri, and lots of other fresh veggie dishes! And when we weren’t eating the delicious food we were drinking lots of tea!

I am so thankful to Sita, Indra, the people of Shoshoni, and the wonderful group of students that made this fun weekend possible! Until next time…


This Weekend from College… Colorado Springs!

I spent this last weekend in Colorado Springs. The weekend was full of great people, great food, and great laughs.


I really do mean great food. Claire’s dad made a kickin’ carrot ginger soup for dinner, and a yummy sweet potato, arugula, poached egg breakfast. It was the perfect Veggie fix we were looking for.

Dave spent all day Saturday in the kitchen in order to prepare us an amazing dinner– homemade pasta, freshly baked rosemary bread, a vibrant pesto, and a whole slew of antipasto sides and treats.

We sat by the fire, worked on our knitting, shared stories and laughs, stacked blocks, and completed a little bit of our homework.

We concluded the weekend with a lovely hike through Red Rocks.

A huge Thank You to Claire, Ginny, Dave, and Claire’s parents for being so welcoming and fun! It was the perfect low key weekend getaway.

Maps… They help.

A few Sundays ago I went on another trip with hiking club. It was an easy day hike up to Lake Haiyaha in Rocky National Park.

The day was pleasant, but I can’t help but compare these adventures with those from last year. The biggest thing that stood out to me was that no one had a map. Even the trip leaders seemed to be confused as to where we were supposed to go. Obviously, we spent some time ‘lost.’ For those of us without snowshoes, trekking through the deep snow off trail was a workout. I think I enjoyed it more than others. I began to think Lake Haiyaha would be the next Bergamo…(for those who get it, get it.) Don’t get me wrong– the day was still fun, and getting lost was just part of the adventure. Maybe I wasn’t feeling the adventure that day, but I just couldn’t get over how strange (and semi-irresponsible) it was to be map and compass-less.

Alas, we eventually found our way to the lake and were greeted with ferocious cutting winds. It was bitter cold, but that didn’t stop me from removing my hands from my mittens in order to set up the GoPro for a group pic.

Thanks to Alec and his Strava app, we have our GPS route recorded from the morning hike.

Overall, a nice day.