Denmark: True or False

As you can see, it’s becoming somewhat of a trend for me to make videos now. Perhaps its a new hobby or just a phase. Regardless, I am sharing with you my movie from Denmark, Denmark: True or False. I took common myths about Denmark and deemed them either true or false. These are (of course,) just my opinions based on my experiences. I hope you all enjoy.

And a little sneak peak into my next adventure:

I will be crossing Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in continental Europe. This will be a 5 day trip hopefully filled with gorgeous views, challenging days, and few blisters. Wish me luck!


Denmark Skies

There are two things (among others, of course) that are crucial to getting a killer photo: timing and lighting. As a photographer, these two elements are often somewhat out of our control. Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset missed by just minutes, or a split action un-captured because your camera was switched off on your hip, it’s annoying. Unfortunately I have had a few instances these past few days in which I was just minutes off of having that killer photo– I missed the lighting, missed the sunset.

The good thing is, I have a few more days here in the FLAT country of Denmark and hope to capture those killer landscapes that have slipped through my fingertips. Wish me luck as I chase down the sun, moon, and clouds!



You know when you have those lazy periods, and blogging seems like too much work? Well, maybe you’re not even a blogger, in which case you probably experience those periods of laziness in other areas of your life. REGARDLESS, (and needless to say,) this is one of those moments for me. I have now been in Denmark for a week, so I feel as if I should check in with you guys and tell you how it has been.

I hope these pictures I have snapped will suffice to keep you tied over until I get my sh*t together and write something comprehendible.

P.S. All of the energy I am NOT using to write this blog post, I am using to edit my Denmark movie. It’s going to be a good one folks.