India Phase 0: Getting There

We were relatively packed and prepared the night before departure day– considering it was closely following our crazy family’s Christmas festivities. Leading up to departure day, my dad and I carefully scheduled our morning routine in order to arrive at the airport at the optimal time. We calculated the time we needed to get ready, pack the car, pick up Lars, and get to Dulles Airport in time for our 8am flight. In order to decrease the amount of my morning “get ready minutes,” I drew on my eyebrows the night before– with the hopes that they would remain in tact. Kayla laid out her plane outfit which included both utility gauchos and a well stocked fanny pack.

Kayla's Plane Outfit

With a few final permitherin sprays, last minute packing and medication preparations, we turned off the lights for a quick few hours of shut eye before our early departure.

Our 3am alpine start began on a good note. My eyebrows were intact, we all had our passports, and we backed out of the driveway just 7 minutes later than intended (a difference that fell well within our timeline cushion.)

As we turned the corner into Lars’s neighborhood, the Battery Charge indicator light turned on.

*Side note: The last time this light came on in my mother’s van, the van broke down on the side of the highway and my dad and I had to perform a rainy night roadside rescue.

Lars loads his bags into the car and we make it to the end of the street before turning back to switch vans. We didn’t want to take the chance of breaking down on our way up to Washington DC. So we decided to take the “trusty red van” instead.

*Side note #2: The red van has 252,000 miles on it. Despite the occasional need to pop the hood and unplug some wires, and the constant illuminated check engine light, it’s deservingly been named the “trusty red van.” It’s zig-zagged the country, coated the coasts and it’s continued survival has defied all odds.

So imagine the 4 of us, scrambling to unload our suitcases from the blue van and repacking them into the red van, while Kayla is hacking into the bushes of Lars’s front yard. Why was she sick? We don’t know. And we didn’t really ask because our van-switch was more important at the time. We had been wondering which of us was going to get sick first on this India trip– Kayla won (or lost) and got sick before we even got to india.

The whole van-switch hubabaloo set us back another 16 minutes. Although Papa and I didn’t account for a van-switch in our timeline, we still arrived at the airport in plenty of time.


The rest of the 24 hour journey was a blur of surprisingly yummy airplane meals, comical first-time flight attendants navigating their first big trip, and sister-synchronized Supergirl episodes.

Plane Napping

The five of us arrived in Delhi with 4/6 of our bags, and 15 days of adventure ahead of us.

Stay tuned for Phases 1-4.



A Quick Trip to Nashville TN

Last week I headed to DIA to catch my flight to Nashville TN. It was a quick Thursday night to Monday morning trip in honor of Gideon’s Bar Mitzvah. Neither Uncle Marty nor I brought our camera’s this time, but we still managed to document the weekend with various iPhones and my GoPro.

After Gideon’s great Bar Mitzvah service, it was time to party… with 60 thirteen year olds and a wacky DJ, (basically my worst nightmare.) But it was actually pretty fun.

Everybody had a great time out on the dance floor, and it was nice having the whole family together at a time that wasn’t Christmas or Thanksgiving.

…Stay tuned for a video of Theo and the rest of the fam shredding in on the dance floor.

Home for the Holidays

After traveling 4,000 miles across the Atlantic, I made it to Washington DC. After driving 2 hours down to good ol’ Richmond Virginia I snuggled up in my much neglected bed and fell asleep. Due to my jet-lag, I woke up at 5am and went on a light morning run. I returned home only to hop back into the car and drive 700 miles down to Nashville Tennessee.

Our Christmas was a normal family Christmas, despite the fact we were celebrating it in Nashville.

I won’t bore you with any anecdotes, if you’d like to know more, just check out this movie I made.

My Christmas Presents were very exciting. I am now well equipped to survive an avalanche. I gifted a new down jacket to myself, because if it makes me warmer, it makes me happier. Lars and Stacey made the neatest gift that will really ‘spice up’ these bland dinners. I unwrapped a Buddha Board so that I can get my zen on. Grandma gave me a scarf I have yet to take off, and Auntie and Kayla provided me with some reading material so my brain doesn’t go to mush over here.

Collage of Assorted Gifts

After returning to Richmond I was fortunate to catch up with a bunch of my favorite people. Between Chipotle lunches, Panera breakfasts, New Years Eve parties, Pizza dinners, and apartment chillin’ I got to see the people I’ve missed so much. Of course, there were some people that I didn’t get to see, but they will be on the top of my ‘must-see’ list for when I return in May.


And now I’m back in Norway, with three bags that won’t be fully unpacked for days and lots of skiing on the schedule. Peace!