santa rosa

March 2013- Nicaragua “Potters for Peace” Trip Day 4

I woke up after a night of sleep that confused me. It was one of those nights in which dreams and realities were blurred into one single string of memory. Santa Rosa was a beautiful place–not only physically beautiful. There was a sense of beauty that radiated within and around the people. Being a socialist commune there is understanding and equality throughout all of the people. After eating a delicious fruit breakfast we made the hike to go dig clay. A lady explained to us that she knew there was clay in the forest because of the cracked ground. After carrying bags of clay back to the house we all piled up in our van and drove to their studio. As soon as we (more…)

March 2013- Nicaragua “Potters for Peace” Trip Day 3

We all woke up on the morning of March 9th earlier than anticipated because of the hotel’s dog. He was tied up and had been whining since 4:00am. At breakfast Jorge took the extra pancakes and gave them to Haley saying, “I’ve seen that girl eat.” We packed the van with our luggage and said goodbye to the Hotel Zoy as we drove back to Las Curenas for one last day. Now that the new mortar we had mixed had cured for over 12 hours we were able to begin building the platform and inlay. These two elements to the kiln allowed the ladies to lay the hot pieces down to cool and cover them to smoke. These did not take long to build. Mid-way through (more…)