This weekend from college… an REI expenditure!

I kept this weekend low-key, as I was trying to kick the cold that I caught earlier in the week. I did however, manage to complete some crucial things. No, I didn’t do laundry. No, I didn’t send out those post cards I wrote two weeks ago. I made a trip to REI.

Whenever I walk into REI I am hit with so many feelings. Its a combination of comfort, excitement, and overstimulation, with the underlaying feeling of dissapointment that I can’t really afford anything around me. This is pretty much true for any outdoor store, but REI seems to do this the most.

So I don’t know if it was out of boredom or self pity because I had been sick all week, but I decided to splurge on this particular REI visit.

Mammut Brecon II High GTX Women’s Boots

The biggest and most exciting purchase was a new pair of hiking boots. I tried on 7 different pairs which lead me to the winner: Mammut Brecon II GTX boots.

When evaluating the boots I thought about blisters first and foremost. I actually got a little anxious thinking about the blisters from earlier this year (from which I now have scars.) All I can hope is that these boots lead me on many adventures in the future.



“Let’s Get Lost” United By Blue tank


After finding my boots I proceeded to walk around the store for nearly an hour soaking it all in. I rarely buy clothing with words on it, except when those words are perfect. I just couldn’t pass up this 100% cotton tank.



Eldrid Cosmic Lady Chalk Bag

Eldrid Cosmic Lady Chalk Bag


Lastly I bought a chalk bag and chalk sock. I figured it’s about time I make the purchase… especially because I just joined the newly renovated climbing gym in the rec center. I better get climbing!


My year of adventure!

I know I’ve been cranking out videos lately, but if you haven’t bothered to watch any of the others, don’t worry! This video compiles clips from the whole year. If you’re interested in what I have been doing, just watch this, you’ll see a little bit of everything.

Climbing at Sageflåten– Our Last AK1 Trip :(

The days following our Josten på langs trip were filled with laughing and relaxing as a class. We headed over to Sageflåten on Thursday and Friday to get some climbing in.

I can’t say there was much climbing being done– but there was lots of laughing.

And of course plenty of eating– panini, chocolate muffins, candy, hot dogs, etc.

We took many pictures of each other… sometimes pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.

Never underestimate the power the camera has to entertain…

On Thursday night we had a slumber party at Janie’s house. There were tacos, fruit salad, eggs & bacon, and mass steamrolling… so basically it was perfect.

It’s sad to think that this was our last Aktivitet 1 trip, but it’s nice to know we still have some more time together before I return stateside. Let these last days pass slowly!

Climbing in Turkey– I’m bruised, scraped, and sore… but tan!

I have returned to Norway from a two week climbing adventure in Geyikbayiri Turkey– bringing with me sore arms, tons of bruises, and a nice new tan.

Landing in Antalya

Ask any one of us what we thought of the trip and you’ll receive the same answer: “It was great.” Great weather, great friends, great camp, and most importantly: GREAT CLIMBING. We stayed in Jo.Si.To Climbing Camp which is just a walk away nearly 500 climbing routes of all different difficulties. The camp was full of climbing passion and positive energy– I felt privileged to stay just a tent’s distance away from great climbers from all around the world.

I learned a lot about climbing on this trip– something new from Martin, Lars Martin, or Erland each day. I also learned from experience, or should I say “trial and error.” This “trial and error” way of learning had a bigger, well, impression on me. The first thing I learned: Turkey is full of prickly plants and rough rocks. After doing a full assessment, I’ve counted two scraped forearms, two banged-up knees, three scratched knuckles, and countless pricks in my fingers. Luckily, my snake-bite count is zero.

Safety First! Our focus on belaying and securing other climbers was just as prominent as our focus on climbing itself. In fact, sometimes belaying proved to be just as tiring as climbing.

The climbing varied depending on where we spent the day, but one thing is for sure: it was a lot different than climbing in Norway. The rock formations are beautiful and unique. There is some geographical reason for this, I just don’t know it– Stratton, fill in the blanks here. Anyway, the biggest difference is that the rocks in Turkey are dry and warm.  With the sun almost always at our backs, we tanned, and for some, burned.

Since Norwegians can never soak up enough sun, (and I don’t blame them,) we spent our resting day at Olympus, a historical ruins site by the beach. If walking past the ruins in order to get to the beach counts as learning some history, we all had a history lesson that day.

My answer to the question “Whatcha doing?” is almost always “Just hangin’.” In Turkey, we redefined “Just hangin’.”

We made lots of good meals for dinner, and they almost always consisted of chicken and rice. Some of the more adventurous cooking groups, (or just the clueless ones,) opted for the chicken-hearts. They were special looking. There was a lot of bread eaten, naturally. “A lot” might even be an understatement. Regardless, when it came to food we had to be careful and keep it away from the camp dogs. That was sometimes a struggle.

When we were not climbing, belaying, or hangin’, we just had a good time.

Overall, this trip receives 4.8 Grace Faces from me. And for you normal people out there that don’t know what that means– This trip was nearly perfect.

If you haven’t seen enough, check out other people’s photos here!