We were given many missions, but the bottom line: SURVIVE.

They took our phones, our watches, our cameras, and most significantly, they took our food. Leaving us with one time piece and one camera to document the trip, we set out on a 2 day, 10 step journey of hell.

The dreaded envelopes and missions.

Mission One:

“Make your way to Bergstøylen and Fjølestadstølyen. You have 5 hours to set up camp, find water, and prepare for a fire. Remember, you are a class, one person fails, YOU ALL FAIL.” 

They can tangle our tents, BUT THEY CAN’T STOP THE LOVE.

You can take our food BUT WE MAKE DO.

Mission Two:

“Build a fire.”

You can eat in front of us BUT WE WON’T GET JEAL– okay no, I can’t even pretend on this one.

The wood may be soaked, BUT THE FIRE MUST GO ON.

Reward: A Banana to split between the 12 of us.

Mission Three:

“Build the fire up to 2.5 meter high flames. Then, keep the fire alive for three hours.” 

Mission Four:

“Wake up Janie and Jan at 4:00am.”

The catch: no access to an alarm. 1.5 hour shifts, here we go.

Mission Five:

“You have until 7:00am to hike up to Haugsvarden. Once on top, we will take a group picture. Remember, you are only as strong as the weakest link.”

We may be up at 4:00am BUT WE ARE READY.

Mission Six:

“You have two hours to hike down to a place called Dimma. Remember, even if you are hungry do not let these feelings get to you!”

They may make us wait for 1.5 hours for the next task, BUT THEY CAN’T KEEP US FROM HAVING FUN.

Mission Seven:

“Put someone into a full body splint. Two people must then carry the “injured” for 10 minutes without help from others.”

Mission Eight:

“Make your way down to Føleide. You have two hours to complete this journey.”

Mission Nine:

“You have now met up with the other class. Work together to collect 400 kroner. You must stay together as a group and have two hours to complete this task.”

You can make us wait for the next clue, BUT WE HAVE NO PROBLEM LOOKING HOMELESS.

Mission Ten (A riddle that translates to english as nonsense,) but basically: 

“The hell is over, and you get to eat pizza now.” 

You can make people jump into freezing water to get the 10th mission BUT THEY WON’T (totally) FREEZE.


Through the hunger and frozen toes we survived the seemingly never-ending envelopes of death. Go AK1.

The best class!

*If you find yourself confused due to the combination of sarcasm and brutal honesty of this post, go back through the photos and count the number of miserable faces. That should clear things up for you.