This Weekend from College… Colorado Springs!

I spent this last weekend in Colorado Springs. The weekend was full of great people, great food, and great laughs.


I really do mean great food. Claire’s dad made a kickin’ carrot ginger soup for dinner, and a yummy sweet potato, arugula, poached egg breakfast. It was the perfect Veggie fix we were looking for.

Dave spent all day Saturday in the kitchen in order to prepare us an amazing dinner– homemade pasta, freshly baked rosemary bread, a vibrant pesto, and a whole slew of antipasto sides and treats.

We sat by the fire, worked on our knitting, shared stories and laughs, stacked blocks, and completed a little bit of our homework.

We concluded the weekend with a lovely hike through Red Rocks.

A huge Thank You to Claire, Ginny, Dave, and Claire’s parents for being so welcoming and fun! It was the perfect low key weekend getaway.

A teaser (or should I say ‘squeezer’) to my Summer of juicing!


This summer has become the Summer of Juicing. Yes, you heard me– JUICING. I know that this is super trendy out in L.A. but I am not turning my fruits and veggies into liquids because I’ve hopped on the west-coast bandwagon in preparation of moving out west. It’s actually fun. Okay, maybe I’m the only person that finds it fun, but it truly is a lifestyle that I am quickly falling in love with. I now walk through the grocery store seeing vegetables and imagining what they could add to my juice recipes. I’ve never been a huge beet fan, but now they are my favorite, adding a bright red hue and an earthy taste to my juices.

As I have fallen into a regular routine of juicing nearly each morning, I have decided to go on a juicing journey. By the end of the summer I want to have created the perfect juicing recipes and tricks to make this whole juicing thing worth my (and your) while. From how to beat the high prices, to cleaning that damn 6-piece juicer, I’ll discover it all and share these discoveries with you!

Now as the title suggests, this is a teaser post, so I thought I’d leave you with my most recent recipe for my Grown Up Lemonade:

Grown Up Lemonade

This lemonade will quench that Virginia Summer thirst just as well as Newman’s Own but has vegetable nutrition, ginger for digestion, and no added sugar! I’d say give it to your kids, but it’s almost too good to share.


  • 5-6 good sized carrots (with skins)
  • 1 whole lemon (with seeds and skin)
  • 2 Granny Smith apples (without seeds)
  • 1 knob of ginger (with skins)

Now… join me in my juicing journey, and let me convert you into a juicer!

Dubai’s Noteworthy Dining and Architecture

Many people think of Dubai as a super unique and developed place– but what they may not know is that it’s also beautiful. The architecture is phenomenal. Most of the towers are designed one-of-a-kind, and some even seem to defy physics. They are truly pushing the limits on architecture and design, in the most intriguing way.

In fact, you could spend a whole day just checking out all the unique towers Dubai has to offer. But what would be even better than that… is checking them out at night. As the sun begins to fade away, Dubai’s skyline comes alive. Buildings light up– a multitude of colored lights dance around the towers, the city: becoming, not tacky, but rather elegant.

As you could read in my previous post, dinners in Dubai don’t come up short. Out of all of the meals we ate, only one of them proved to be underwhelming, (and in all fairness it was probably a decent meal, just out shined by the other fantastic meals we had.) I’ve always been somewhat of a buffet-hater. This is partially because of the scaring experiences at unhealthy and unsanitary buffets after swim meets or on road trips. These various buffet restaurants cover the United States and come in all shapes and forms, but they most likely rhyme with ‘Colden Gorral.’ This previous conception of buffets was thrown out the window, (of probably a very tall tower,) while visiting Dubai. Buffets in Dubai are luxurious and pristine. Dishes are prepared in elegant and thoughtful ways as if they were being delivered to the tables. Not only are they stunning to look at, you will also be taken back by the options. You can find anything from lobster tails to lamb soup– sushi bars to cheese tables, and so on. The most impressive station at all of these buffets never failed to be the dessert tables– lined with cakes, mousses, indian sweets, and of course: chocolate fountains.

Another great thing about dining in Dubai is that you have every world cuisine at your fingertips. In fact, I had the best mexican food I have ever had at the restaurant, Maya. It was so good, Dad and I returned for a second time on my last night in Dubai. Unfortunately we filled up on the Maya Nachos and Tequila Chipotle Prawns we were too stuffed to eat their amazing churros. Next time I suppose…

I will admit, Dubai spoiled me. For those 10 days I became accustom to delicious world cuisine. Just as I was reminded of how much I love the sun and warmth, I was reminded of all of the great foods I love. And now I will try to, once again, adjust to the cold weather and endless bread and potatoes here in Norway. Wish me luck.

The Excessiveness of Dubai… You Better Come To Dinner Hungry

If there’s one thing Dubai is known for, its excessiveness. They hold many world records such as the ‘Largest Firework Display,’ ‘Tallest Hotel in the World,’ and of course the ‘Tallest Building in the world,’ also known as the Burj Khalifa. It wouldn’t surprise me if they held the world record for ‘The Most World Records.‘ People drive around in swanky cars, costing more than houses. But not more than houses here is Dubai– property here is insanely expensive. You can stay at their 7 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab for 3,000 USD per night– but don’t worry, if that room isn’t luxurious enough you can continue to chuck up thousands of dollars until the price per night is just as outrageous as you want. Who knows what you get in a hotel room that costs 13,000 USD per night?

Although this excessiveness can be seen as ridiculous and even reckless, there is one thing you have to acknowledge about the people of Dubai: they are innovative. It’s, perhaps, the most innovative place on Earth right now. They make their own islands. The Palm itself increased their shoreline by 72 miles. Once The World islands are finished, Dubai will have yet another amazing accomplishment: having built over 300 man-made islands in the shape of the world. 

It’s impossible to spend time in Dubai without experiencing this excessiveness. Last night we went to the 5-star hotel and resort, Atlantis, on The Palm. We ate at a restaurant called Kaleidoscope. It was a buffet style restaurant with a focus on the regions of Asia cuisine. This was one of the most excessive meals I have ever eaten, and definitely the most luxurious buffet I have seen. They had dozens of interactive stations with foods from all over Asia. I can’t go without mentioning the mountain in the middle of the room: the dessert! They had over 50 different options for dessert, all eloquently displayed and prepared. I captured most of my courses, although there were some that were not documented.

I am just wondering, was my caloric intake cancelled out by the many trips back and forth from the table to the food stations? Probably not.