Another weekend at Shoshoni Yoga Ashram

I spent this past weekend at the Shoshoni Yoga Ashram. Just like last time, it was a great weekend with great people.

Although I didn’t take as many pictures this time, I did capture a few of the chickens and roosters. It turns out they are kind of scary when you get up close– I was glad there was a fence in between me and their beaks!

The weekend was full of great food once again, including Chalupa, Avocado Lime-Slaw, Tom Kha Soup, Mung Pancakes, Kitcheri, and lots of other fresh veggie dishes! And when we weren’t eating the delicious food we were drinking lots of tea!

I am so thankful to Sita, Indra, the people of Shoshoni, and the wonderful group of students that made this fun weekend possible! Until next time…


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