Climbing at Sageflåten– Our Last AK1 Trip :(

The days following our Josten på langs trip were filled with laughing and relaxing as a class. We headed over to Sageflåten on Thursday and Friday to get some climbing in.

I can’t say there was much climbing being done– but there was lots of laughing.

And of course plenty of eating– panini, chocolate muffins, candy, hot dogs, etc.

We took many pictures of each other… sometimes pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.

Never underestimate the power the camera has to entertain…

On Thursday night we had a slumber party at Janie’s house. There were tacos, fruit salad, eggs & bacon, and mass steamrolling… so basically it was perfect.

It’s sad to think that this was our last Aktivitet 1 trip, but it’s nice to know we still have some more time together before I return stateside. Let these last days pass slowly!

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