This weekend from college… an REI expenditure!

I kept this weekend low-key, as I was trying to kick the cold that I caught earlier in the week. I did however, manage to complete some crucial things. No, I didn’t do laundry. No, I didn’t send out those post cards I wrote two weeks ago. I made a trip to REI.

Whenever I walk into REI I am hit with so many feelings. Its a combination of comfort, excitement, and overstimulation, with the underlaying feeling of dissapointment that I can’t really afford anything around me. This is pretty much true for any outdoor store, but REI seems to do this the most.

So I don’t know if it was out of boredom or self pity because I had been sick all week, but I decided to splurge on this particular REI visit.

Mammut Brecon II High GTX Women’s Boots

The biggest and most exciting purchase was a new pair of hiking boots. I tried on 7 different pairs which lead me to the winner: Mammut Brecon II GTX boots.

When evaluating the boots I thought about blisters first and foremost. I actually got a little anxious thinking about the blisters from earlier this year (from which I now have scars.) All I can hope is that these boots lead me on many adventures in the future.



“Let’s Get Lost” United By Blue tank


After finding my boots I proceeded to walk around the store for nearly an hour soaking it all in. I rarely buy clothing with words on it, except when those words are perfect. I just couldn’t pass up this 100% cotton tank.



Eldrid Cosmic Lady Chalk Bag

Eldrid Cosmic Lady Chalk Bag


Lastly I bought a chalk bag and chalk sock. I figured it’s about time I make the purchase… especially because I just joined the newly renovated climbing gym in the rec center. I better get climbing!


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