I can now check ‘Ice Climbing’ off my list…

This Sunday we woke up at 4:30am, stumbled into the car, and left for our trip bright and early, (except not bright because does the sun every rise?) We are spending the week in Hemsedal Norway, a beautiful (and COLD) place. My class spent the first two days in Hemsedal ice climbing–yes, climbing ice.

'chill og dig'

The area we climbed in was beautiful– a true winter wonderland.

The -16 degree snowy weather made staying warm difficult. However, I occasionally exposed my hands to the harsh weather in order to snap some photos.

This time, instead of climbing into glacier crevices, we climbed on frozen waterfalls. I can’t say ice climbing is my favorite kind of climbing, but it was pretty neat.

Stay tuned for more from my week in Hemsedal.

P.S. This post was for you Michael Stratton. Jealous?

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