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Action Wares “The Craftsman” Apron

For those of you who don’t know what I am up to these days, I am here to give you a full update AND a favorite new product review.

I am currently studying Industrial Design in Milwaukee Wisconsin. That means my life is a never ending cycle of sketching, refining, prototyping, cutting, sanding, painting, finishing and presenting. Here is a selection of my projects from the semester:

As you can see, this program is making-intensive. I spend more time in the 3D lab than I do in my bed… and that’s not an exaggeration. Speaking of my bed, it’s really important that I don’t bring these toxic materials home with me into my living space. We often work with toxic wood fillers and high density foam. We can protect our lungs with respirators, but it’s important to control the amount of dust and material that gets on our clothes. High density urethane dust in the ID world is comparable to glitter in the art world– it sticks to everything and never fully disappears.


So a few weeks into the semester I decided to find an apron… but not just any apron.


Peter Wadey is the owner and operator of Action Wares, a specialty canvas apron operation. Peter sent me two canvas aprons, a customized “The Craftsman” apron and a slightly shorter adapted style apron. My Craftsman apron is black canvas with brown stitching, and the second apron is a denim blue canvas with red stitching.

I have gotten a tremendous amount of use out of Peter Wadey’s apron. Not only has it protected my clothes from the perils of lab processes, it has also increased my efficiency. There are three main chest pockets– perfect for pencils, safety glasses, spare bits of acrylic and any other random thing that might come in handy in the lab. There are two main hip pockets that house larger items– my tape measurer, a level, a notebook, etc.

My favorite feature of these aprons is the crossed back straps. These are more comfortable than the typical around-the-neck apron straps. The two straps cross in the back and are then threaded through loops at the hips. This systems allows for easy adjustment of how high the apron sits.

This apron doesn’t get in my way, it moves with me. Take a look at the timelapse below that features me hard at work in my Action Wares Craftsmen apron. If you notice, the lab-tech, Delia, who shows up periodically in the timelapse is also sporting an apron by Peter Wadey.

One of the best things about Peter Wadey is that he will work with you in order to create the perfect apron for you. I already have ideas for my next one– although I am guessing it will take years to wear this one down. I have trouble keeping my pens and pencils from falling out of my pockets, so a pocket-flap or pocket-synch would fix this problem. Delia’s apron is now 1 year old and her right pocket has worn down from constant clipping and unclipping of her measuring tape. For future reference doubling up on the canvas for this pocket would delay the inevitable wear and tear of everyday use.


Overall, this apron has been a fantastic find. Make sure to check out Peter Wadey’s aprons for your next woodworking, crafting, gardening, or cooking apron needs!



A review: HeadBlade Products

Attention Alopecians, and all other bald and beautiful people out there, listen up! Everybody else… you can listen too.


Having Alopecia Areata has many advantages. For example, your showers can take 2 minutes. You don’t spend time blow drying, straitening, combing, braiding or styling. You’ll never have to worry about hat hair. You don’t spend money on haircuts or hair-dyes. And bad hair days… nope, you don’t have those either. There is, however, something that I have to do that not many people experience– especially women– and that’s shaving my head.

I’ve been a headshaver for years now, and I never stop trying to perfect the art. What’s the best razor to use? How often do I have to change the razor? How much pressure should I use? Shaving cream, or no shaving cream? Shower or sink? Well, I don’t have all of the answers, but there’s one product out there that will help you answer at least some of those questions, and that’s HeadBlade. 


Over the years I have switched razors willy-nilly. There was never any rhyme or reason to which one I used, it was just which ever one I picked up. I remember hearing about the HeadBlade, a razor built specifically for shaving heads, and checking them out on their website. After realizing their site was only targeted toward men, I sent an email to the president. It was one of those things that I just felt like I had to do, but didn’t expect much to come out of it. To my surprise I received an awesome response, and have had great respect for Todd Greene and the company ever since. Flash forward a few years and I finally decided it was time to try out all of their products and write a review for those people asking the same questions as I am… so here it is.

HeadBlade Package



HeadBlade HeadShed

This is HeadBlade’s exfoliating pre-shave scrub. The first time I opened it I was hesitant because of it’s color, but that all changed when I began to use it. It preps your head for the ultimate shave… getting rid of any dry skin that might cause you to knick or cut yourself. It also makes your skin feel good… so I trashed my Aveeno exfoliating cleanser (I didn’t really, that stuff is too expensive to throw away,) and made the Head Shed my goto.

The Downside:

It smells like dirt, looks like dirt, and basically feels like you’re rubbing dirt on your head when you use it.

The Bottom Line:

The whole dirt thing takes 2 seconds to get over. It’s a great product to add to your head shaving routine.


HeadBlade HeadSlick

This shave cream is different than your typical shave cream. It doesn’t excessively foam up and leave you looking like George Washington on a bad hair day. It’s also paraben free. And if you don’t know what that means, join the club. Now I usually just skip the shaving cream step, especially if I’m shaving in the shower. That being said, its nice to have something on hand for those times you need a healthier shave.

The Downside:

Perhaps I got a weird bottle, or maybe it’s the bottle shape, but every time I close the bottle it sprays across the room. I’ve now learned from my mistakes and aim it away from my eyes when closing it.

The Bottom Line:

This product has less of a “WOW” factor compared to the other HeadBlade products. However, it’s a solid shave cream. PLUS it is free of perfumes which is really nice.


The HeadBlade ATX Razor

I’m telling you, nothing will beat it. If you’ve never used the HeadBlade shaped razor, it will change your life. You wouldn’t think the little car-shaped thing would make much of a difference, but it works seamlessly. I use the 4 blade cartridges and I barely have to change them. The current blade that is in there has been shaving smoothly for over 2 weeks now… do the math and I think you’ll find that switching to these razors and blades will save you a lot of money. Speaking of… does anyone know why typical blades are so damn expensive? Anyways, I have yet to knick myself while using this razor… but then again I have only cut myself 3 times in all the years I’ve been doing this, so maybe that’s more of just my skill and grace.

The Downside:

Living the extremely busy and active life I have lived over the years, I have become a shower shaver. It is harder to get a feel for where the blade is when you’re using it in the shower… but I’m getting better with practice. Regardless, I’d say this product performs best in front of a mirror, at a sink.

The Bottom Line:

Get it. Get it. Get it. 


HeadBlade HeadLube Matte

This moisturizer is perfume, dye, and cruelty free. That’s nice. It is the perfect way to end your HeadBlade product marathon. It is made for freshly shaved heads and faces, so it won’t clog those pores. This matte version moisturizes your skin without making it feel oily or shiny. And don’t worry, there is a glossy version for those of you who like the bowling ball look.

 The Downside:

No SPF. Whenever I put lotion on my head and face I like it to have some level of SPF. That is the only thing preventing this from being my goto head lotion.

The Bottom Line:

It is a quality post-shave lotion, but don’t depend on it as everyday, all-day.


Shed SlickPink-HeadBlade-ATXLube

So those are the essential HeadBlade products, although, there are numerous others. Explore the different kinds of razors and decide which one works best for you! And be careful… because once you go HeadBlade, you’ll never go back.