Norway 2018… Coming Soon!

Four years ago, my Norwegian friends and I made a pact to see each other every summer. Our first summer after NF, Øyvind and Margit visited me in The States. We explored NYC, VA Beach, Richmond, and Washington DC.

The next summer, I travelled back to Norway and we adventured up to the northern archipelago, Lofoten.

Last summer Margit and Maria met me in British Columbia, Canada for an epic road trip out west to Whistler.

As this summer approached– the fourth summer since our year together– I became doubtful that another trip would happen. But alas– I made it back to Norway for a 15 day trip exploring the cities and catching up with as many friends as possible.

I have a couple more days here in Norway, but it’s way too sunny to stay inside and write blog posts… so pictures and posts will be coming soon!

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