New York City Adventures

This past week I traveled from Denver to New York City.

I spent my first few days with a group of fellow Libby Hall- Arts Residential Academic Program students. Since the trip was art based, we went to the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. After exploring the Guggenheim, the LRAP girls took a stroll through Central Park– and the sun actually decided to join us.

On Sunday morning we went to a drag brunch at Lips- The Ultimate Drag Dining Experience. It was very entertaining thanks to the host of the show, Ginger Snapts, and our very own Frodo and Harry Potter (…you know who you are). We also took an awesome street art tour from Grafftours. Despite the cold temperatures, the tour was very interesting. I now have a new appreciation for street art after hearing everything our guide, Gabe, had to say.

After saying farewell to the Boulder crew, I spent my time in Brooklyn with Kayla. When we weren’t eating tacos or pizza, we were eating bagels. We also spent some quality time with Kali the Kitten! On our last full day we ventured over to SOHO on a mission to find Ilana’s Broad City Bralettes. We were successful– meaning we spent way too much money– but it was way worth it. #YasKween

Until next time, NYC.

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