A quick shout out to Mondo Baldo!

Mondo Baldo Logo

This is another blog post for my homies…. my bald and beautiful Alopecians, and all dad’s that gave into their receding hair lines. Have you heard of Mondo Baldo? If not, you should check it out pronto!

Mondo Baldo!

This T-shirt company is pretty much ran by one (very awesome) guy who goes by the name of Baldylocks. His designs are sleek, and best of all, CLEVER. Check out some of my favorite designs:

There’s also the classic Bald & Proud shirts that I hope to someday add to my collection.

Bald and Proud

SO if you’ve dropped the ball on christmas presents and know someone who’s Bald and Proud… get them some Mondo Baldo swag!

Mondo Baldo Logo

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