My “Graduation” from Nordfjord

Sorry for the silence, this past week has been very busy. These past few days have been all about endings. We had our last class trip, followed by our last school trip in which we went on a pilgrimage for three days. My family flew in from The States and Dubai to participate in the “graduation” and conclusion festivities. I use the word “graduation” loosely, as it was more of a celebration of completing this year here in Norway.

For most formal celebrations, Norwegians wear their traditional costumes called “Bunad.” I was lucky enough to have my grandmothers, which she made when she was 18, making it over 50 years old. Everybody was looking beautiful, matching the beautiful weather.

Of course I have lots to say about how this is all ending, but I don’t have time to write about that now. Right now it’s all about goodbyes, until I’m on the plane flying home.


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