Snow kiting, sneak attacking, steam rolling, and so much laughing

Snow Kiting. At first I was skeptical about being connected to a huge flying thing that catches the wind. Turns out it is a really fun thing to do. After a short bout of rain, the weather changed in our favor and spirits were high, just like our kites of course.

Besides from the kiting, this trip was filled with fun. Crazy cakes continued to have an affect on Margit’s sanity. My happy-skip,  (The Wizard of Oz skip… soon to be called the Alex Skip,) has become a hit! It is now a ferry tradition. Proud of my little skippers, they have learned well, although there is still some room for improvement.

Skipping on the Ferry

Margit, Mamma Janie/G-ma/J-ma and I shared a lot of laughs. And as if you couldn’t guess, the two things that came into conversation the most– snow and ‘you-know-who.’

I introduced ‘steamrolling’ to my cooking group ‘3G.’ It is now a morning (and night) routine in the tent. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is, there will be a video of it soon enough.

Goodnight from Cooking Group 3G

And like any good trip, it ended with a little bit of tanning… norwegian-zombie style.

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