Londontown: Review and Video

After a week in London, I have (unexpectedly) fallen in love. It’s not that my original expectations were low, they were just shallow. I wanted to have a good time– going out, relaxing, and soaking in the spoken english word before returning to life in Norway. Little did I know I’d find myself in a city seemingly perfect for me. This city oozes art. It’s inspiring. Between the architecture, museums, parks, and monuments, there’s something beautiful everywhere you look. Even the street art is noteworthy.

While I was there I tried to see as much art as possible. Some of my artivities included the: Tate Modern Museum, Tate Britain Museum, TOPSHOP Unique Fashion Show, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, Art First Gallery, Bankside Gallery, The Photographer’s Gallery (including the John Lyon Gallery, the Barbara Lloyd Gallery, the Wolfson Gallery, and the Eranda Studio,) and most exciting– The BFI Future Film Festival. This in an annual film festival packed with screenings, workshops, and masterclasses. It is hosted by the British Film Institute and is tailored toward young aspiring filmmakers.

Unfortunately I could only attend one day of the festival, but luckily it was the documentary day! I started the day by attending the workshop “Making Mini Docs (with your phone.)” Although it had more general film-making tips rather than phone-specific tips, it was still informative. I then saw a screening of the top 11 Future Film Short Documentaries of the year. The last session I attended was by far the coolest. “Soundcheque presents: Documentary Dynamics– Tips, tricks and techniques on how music can make your story unforgettable.” The industry expert and composer, Julian Hamlin, spoke, unearthing a whole science of music that I had never examined. It was the highlight of my trip.

I met up with some familiar, (and some not-so-familiar) faces while here in London. I stayed with my cousin, Anjali, for part of the time. It was great to catch up and reminisce over our old band and her crazy elementary school ketchup-packet routine. I finally got to (officially) meet Elizabeth Gottwald (The Wandering Photographer) and Joey  (Joey ‘Supertramp’)– two world travelers/ bloggers/ photographers that are a great inspiration to me. You should totally check them out– they do it right! I wish them the best of luck in their upcoming adventures! Speaking of finally meeting, I met up with Cameron, a london born, ex-stock-broker/ business owner/ rugby enthusiast who is attending CU Boulder next year! After you check out the previous two websites, head over to One For The Wall, where you can buy trendy, hand designed apparel and merchandise. Do it, it will automatically up your cool factor. And because this post is turning into me telling you what to do… use the promo code AU10 and like their Facebook Page for 10% off all orders. Okay, I promise I won’t ask you to click anymore links. Last, BUT NOT LEAST, I got to see a friend, Meagan, while in London. It was amazing to see such a beautiful and familiar face. We talked (and talked, and talked,) about everything, but mainly about how Carly and Holly would be jealous the two of us were together.

So thanks to everyone I just mentioned– for making sure I knew where I was going, meeting me in parks, for coffee, or for drinks, sending me periodical messages making sure I was still alive, and giving me tips and tricks about London.

Overall, this trip was great. I explored the city of London (as my worn out feet will attest to) the best that I could– however, there is still so much for me to see! London Vol. Two is in my future for sure. (Not to mention I forgot to return my oyster card and I want my 5 pounds back.)

And lastly, check out my London video I put together! I took all of the footage before attending the documentary festival, but now that I have learned a bit more about filming, you can expect more videos from me in the future.

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