Dates, Dinner, Dancing… Christmas Ball 2013

Before we could say ‘farewell’ and ‘see you next year’ we celebrated the holidays with the utmost class– a Christmas Ball. For the first time (in oh-so-long,) I got all dolled up– rocking that junior year homecoming dress that carries with it so many memories.

The night began with an elegant church service in the white steeple church down the hill. The co-ed choir graced us with angelic voices. And I’ll admit it, we all swooned at the sound of the men’s choir.

When the service was over we opened the church doors to cold air and rain. I didn’t own a proper coat for such a festive occasion, so I neglected to wear a jacket of any kind. After all, my mom has always told my sister and I: “beauty is pain.”

After briskly walking up the never-ending hill I hurried inside to dry off and defrost. We exchanged our flats for heels and powdered our noses before meeting downstairs to greet our dates. The couples were called one by one to walk to their table together. I was greeted by Knut with a rose– gotta’ love that ‘hunting and fishing’ swag. The dinner consisted of traditional Norwegian Christmas foods: ribbe, pinnekjøt, poteter, and kålrot.

After dinner we gathered to watch a show over coffee and cake. The show was very nice, but the best parts were the teacher’s acts. Similar to what they had done after the Revy, the teachers made fun of different students by impersonating them. It was pretty hilarious.

Unfortunately what happened next is not pictured. All 150 (ish) of us gathered to sing and dance around the Christmas tree. We even sang the norwegian songs my family (attempts) to sing each Christmas. Both “Så Går Vi Rundt Om En Enebærbusk” and “Glade Jul” sounded much different, (better,) last night than when we sing them.

After the dance floor was cleared of the Christmas tree the swinging began– and it didn’t stop until well into the morning. They say Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, but I say they come out swinging (as in dancing, not punching.)

Now I’m off to spend a few days with family, and following that I will be headed back stateside. So for now I say: “Hade bra Norway… catch ya on the flip side.”

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