Thanksgiving: Mat i det… Janie’s house

After enduring an emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting trip earlier this week, our class was in need of some healing. We made our way over to Janie Therese’s house for what proved to be the perfect remedy.

Candles were lit, which automatically ups the cozy factor.

The guys manned the grill, while the girls prepared the food indoors.

We all gathered and shared laughs while the bread baked in the oven.

I captured the many angles of the set table as I’ve done at mom’s many dinner parties.

Before we began eating we made the rounds and each said something we were thankful for.

Our day was topped off by great desserts. Although there was no Thanksgiving pie, we had an amazing apple cake with whipped cream.

This year’s Thanksgiving wasn’t traditional, but it was very cozy. Or should I say, veldig koselig!

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  1. I remember making a pumpkin pie out of pickled pumpkin (the only pumpkin we could get) when I was at folkehogskole way back when. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as the lovely desserts you had. Happy Thanksgiving.

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