Hornelen: Europe’s highest sea cliff… so cliffy.

10 thing’s I have learned on this last trip:

1.) It’s really hard to steer a sail ship from the hours of 11:00pm-1:00am. Mainly because it’s dark, but also because falling asleep is way too easy. Luckily I didn’t crash into any other boats.

2.) The moon works as a great point of reference for direction!

3.) There’s nothing better than crawling into bed under-deck at 1:00am.

4.) There’s nothing worse than climbing out of bed and going up on deck to begin work at 4:00am.

5.) The hike to Europe’s highest sea cliff (Hornelen: 2,820 ft.) is an exhausting, all-day journey.

6.) Although you may question the term “cliff” during the hike, when you’re sitting on the edge there is no doubt– it is certainly a cliff. Perhaps that is why I was the only one crazy enough to climb down and sit on the very edge.

7.) No bread, no problem!

8.) It is possible to kayak without getting wet.

9.) If the wind is blowing hard enough, and the lavo (tepee) isn’t set up perfectly, you will be awoken by the violent vibrations of wind. Luckily it didn’t come crashing down on us… this time.

10.) Carrying sea kayaks around a building, up a hill, and across marshland is tough work.

That’s all for now, sorry for the brevity. Keep on rockin’ on.



  1. The pictures are great as always, but i do wish that you would give it some serious thoughts before doing crazy things, keep in mind that you have a grandma waiting for you at home!! Have fun!

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