1. Looks like Alex had a successful shopping trip. Alex,How did you get to town? Thanks for getting the bike helmet 🙂

    Grandpa and I are driving On our way back from visiting auntie in Nashville. We left by 8:00. The house looks good but there are still boxes to unpack. The kitchen is super nice! I made calzones last night with homemade ricotta cheese and my homemade tomato sauce. We didn’t have a pizza stone so they weren’t the best but the boys really liked them.

    They are coming to install the floors tomorrow. I will send you pictures.

    Love and miss you all!!!

    Elizabeth Upadhyaya Cell – 804-240-7966

    This message was sent from my phone so please excuse any spelling errors 🙂

  2. UNCLASSIFIED Alex/Elizabeth, I finally received my visa – so I will try to schedule a flight tomorrow. Alok

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