July 2012- Guatemala Day 6 (and onward)

After breakfast we hiked up onto the side of a hill and planted 150 trees. Kayla was not the best at getting all of the plastic off of the roots, which Caty saw so tried to teach her. It went by quickly because of the large number of hands we had working. We returned to Chuicatama to pack and finalize our departure. Our ride came and it was an even larger van this time. On our way out we stopped in a village far on top of the mountain called Chikixis so that Lupe could take a picture she needed. It was quite the adventure seeing this huge van trek up a steep gravel road. We soon headed back down the mountain on our way to our next destination: the Mayan ruins. The ruins were underwhelming in size however they were amazing to look at. Another two hours of riding in the car brought us to Antigua. I remember being conflicted during the last 20 minutes of the ride because I wanted to both dream and look out the window. I decided to stay awake and choose the window option. I had been much anticipating Antigua. Unfortunately, this is where my journaling stops, so my record of the days in Antigua are not well remembered. (Damn my bad memory.) I do remember walking throughout the city looking at the shops and beautiful architecture. Evan Kayla and I had gone to an Indian restaurant and ordered Samoas that tasted remarkable. I kept getting frustrated with Kayla’s direction sense, however I did make a wrong turn once. My favorite part of Antigua was the hotel we stayed in, Posada San Sebastian. It is run by a man Luis and his wife who was not there at the time. Luis had a great sense of humor and a unique aura about him. The hotel had a bunch of strange things in it such as a cabinet full of baby dolls and a wall full of chairs. Furthermore, the hotel’s roof was accessable. We ate the traditional pizza meal up there and watched the sun set. I remember thinking I wanted to stay up on that roof forever.

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