July 2012- Guatemala Day 4

Day 4 of the trip started off on a good note– I did not wake up until twenty minutes to 7:00am. My goodnight sleep can be attributed to Glen’s offering of his beanie cap; my head was much warmer. We had pancakes and honey for breakfast. We were being spoiled for our meals. We made our way to the village to find out that each of our homes for the day had concrete floors except for Sheila and Grey. This, in theory, makes the stove building process easier. Kayla and I were on a roll in the morning. Our family was very nice and helpful. There were three little girls that were bashfully peeking around the corner at us working. Luckily, Kayla and I finished laying out the cement blocks, sand, and bricks early on. While waiting for Lupe or Manuel to come and put on our door we asked the girls if they wanted to play. We went outside and passed the ball. They had a great time– each time I hit the ball with my head they cracked up laughing. For the rest of the day the girls were much more outgoing and wanted to play with us more. To our surprise the family wanted to do a design on the top of the stove. This was unique because the other families insist on it being as smooth as possible. It was refreshing to see them do something different than everyone else. After we finished our stove we went to help Glen & Denise and Nancy & Melissa, all of which had started their second stoves for the day. After helping them lay up to two rows of cement blocks a storm started rolling in. The most of us started walking back to Chuiqatama, leaving Melissa, Lupe, and Kayla. Kayla said the prayer before dinner and Kathy did devotion. It was my turn to wash the dishes with Glen. I remember thinking it was a shame that he and Denise were moving. As we laid in bed Melissa and Nancy were talking about glasses, contacts, seeing under water. Melissa asked Denise is she was asleep yet. Denise responded with a “I don’t know,” which I thought was odd.

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