July 2012- Guatemala Day 1

The trip started as we traveled from Miami into Guatemala city. The girl sitting next to me on the plane took out a box full of letters from her boyfriend— one for each day she was going to be away. This landed her a spot on my obnoxious-list of course. I looked around– Kayla was already zonked out behind me. The obnoxious girl next to me took out her journal. She wrote in purple pen, “Today has been SO long already.” I remember rolling my eyes. After landing in Guatemala City we traveled by van to Panajachel. I remember the first thing that I noticed was the clarity of the air– there was something so pure about it. The trip took about 4 hours but luckily I got the seat with the most leg room (how did that happen?) We made multiple stops for stretch and bathroom breaks. After arriving in Panajachel we checked into our hotel and walked around the city. A drunk Guatemalan started talking to me in spanish insisting on taking a picture with me. He was saying something about my hair (or lack there of) but even Kayla, our Spanish guru, couldn’t understand what he was saying exactly.


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